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From humble beginnings, The Siegel Professional takes every client as if it is the first and the last. With the utmost care and attention to detail, our professionals will guide you through every step of your process, whether it is funding, credit analysis, or any other financial requirement. Our personal touch through professional application is second to none. From 2016 and ever onward, The Siegel Professional Group has been and will be the uncompromising force in credit education and both commercial and consumer funding.

What We Do

What We Do

E-Commerce Company

Now easier than ever, or so it seems, to open a new business, especially an e-commerce or tech company. The concept is great, market segment is ready, but how do you acquire that necessary startup fund that seems so elusive? Now presenting the capital you need at 0% for 12 to 21 months. Focus on running your business and let us help you secure your working capital to get your idea off the ground.

An Existing Business

Business requires a constant in-flow of liquid capital, while the bills never seem to stop. Have you hit that bump in the road, that “where did my cash flow go?” time in your business. Let’s not call it a slump or a rut. Let’s call it an opportunity to secure flexible working capital to help you make it through that thin time. It will be there when you need it most and once you’ve dug yourself out. The loan that you can roll over and use more than once in a twelve-month period without having to go through an arduous application process all over again. We offer 0% working capital for up to 12 to 21 months and you can say goodbye to your lean time and hello to years of prosperity!

Start Up

Have an amazing new idea, but are worried how to handle your first three, six, or even twelve months’ worth of expenses? Initial hires, office space, permits, licenses, inventory, R&D, and marketing can all be expensive, especially when you have not even begun to operate. Put your worries aside and let us secure your start-up capital while you perfect your dream to bring it into reality!

A Life Cycle Event

Weddings, birthday parties, or anniversaries are no time to cut corners. You gotta go big or go home! And waving the white flag just won’t cut it. The Siegel Professional Group has your answer. 0% financing for up to 12 to 21 months with no upfront fees and no collateral, so that you can plan your big bash without sweating the cash.



Personal Financial Growth

Seamless, transparent funding with no upfront cost. Get approved for the spending power that you need and deserve. Gain spending power that will expand your banking relationships will growing your credit profile.

Credit Education

Learn why some great approved, while others are not yet successful. What sets those people apart? The Siegel Professional Group will guide you in a tour of your credit profile unlike any you have experienced to date. With clarity and vision, we will open your eyes to the advantageous and negative aspects of the credit report that represents you to financial institutions.

Business Funding

Do you need business capital? Does your cash flow require a boost? Let the Siegel Professional Group guide your financial growth without any collateral required.

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From Our Clients & Affiliates

Moysh C.

Doing business with the Siegel Professional Group has been both educational and rewarding. The Siegel Professional Group communicates a high level of professionalism and genuine sense of integrity—both of which are important to me. The work that we’ve done has often been sensitive, and I have become confident in my trust in The Siegel Professional Group as we have grown and witnessed flexibility and faith in one another.

As we each look for productive steps that lead to the most positive results, I have gained tremendous respect for the Siegel Professional Group both on a personal and professional level.
May my words lead to much blessing, and positive development up ahead.

Joe S.

I cannot say enough about the team at The Siegel Professional Group. Not only about the amazing results that they were able to achieve for us- (over 100K in financing with outstanding terms!), but also the kind and professional way that they conducted the entire process.

The team at The Siegel Professional Group maintained excellent communication throughout the engagement, explaining exactly what we should expect and when. They set our expectations, and then proceeded to surpass them beyond anything we could imagine! Infinite thanks again to the management and the team at The Siegel Professional Group!

Kevin P.

Thank You for providing fantastic financial services. Siegel Professional group worked closely with us every step of the way. We are a startup and we needed capital funding to get our business going. Siegel Professional Group helped us getting funds. We fully admire the services offered by Siegel Professional Group.



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